Trauma Vagus Sympathetic

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This PEMF was designed to help with body trauma and injury as well as support healing.
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This PEMF is for recovery and stimulation of the vagus nerve. Apply IC Pad to the stomach area.
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This short PEMF was designed to help relax the sympathetic nervous system.
This PEMF is designed to help harmonize the sympathetic nervous system!
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Tammy Matthews, October 10, 2022
/After a very stressful year and some health challenges as a result, I did some research on the vagus nerve. I decided to try this PEMF and see if it would help reset my nervous system. Success! This has been the one thing that has helped me return to my "normal" self. So thankful!
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Michaela Eilert-Brinkmann , December 17, 2022
Very good for relaxation.

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Related Complexes: Trauma Vagus Sympathetic
Kat, September 06, 2023
I use this IC mostly on my clients during a massage. I feel it helps them to relax more deeply, especially when they come all hyped up from a stressful day. 

I also use it on myself and my partner before we go to bed together with Happy Belly IC – we both sleep much better after using those

Related Complexes: Trauma Vagus Sympathetic

Trauma Vagus Sympathetic
May 16, 2023
Where should I place the Glowing IC Pad on my body while running the PEMF?
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Mar 02, 2023
This keeps shutting down at the 7 minute mark. Any recommendations? 
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