High Blood Pressure

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Diltiazem hydrochloride is used to treat high blood pressure, chest pain, and abnormal heart rhythms.
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L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps the body make protein. It also acts as a vasodilator (i.e. widening of the blood vessels) and may be used to...
23.9 k
Magnesium Citrate is a chelated form of magnesium using citric acid. Magnesium is a mineral essential for normal physiological functions. It may be...
Chelation Complex for Heart Health is used to help support blood vessel and cardiovascular well-being. It may be used to reduce metal ions and exce...
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This remedy is used to help with maintaining proper function of the heart and blood circulation. It may be used to treat organic and functional aff...
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anonymous, November 18, 2021
Feel the same
Related Complexes: High Blood Pressure
anonymous, February 05, 2022
Use this on a daily basis as a daily part of everyday life balancer.
Related Complexes: High Blood Pressure
Suzanne Sarmasti, March 17, 2022
Works! Lowers bp by 20 points consistently. Super pleased!
Related Complexes: High Blood Pressure
anonymous, April 01, 2022
I had a period of HBP events and feel much better and slowly coming back to normal ranges... Will verify at month end whether this along with a few other imprints actually lowered my blood pressure.
Related Complexes: High Blood Pressure
Kevin Brick, September 13, 2022
Combine this with any of the heart health protocols appears to lower overall blood pressure.
Related Complexes: High Blood Pressure

Jul 23, 2022
Anyone here takes Labetalol and would like to test Labetalol IC?
Jun 27, 2022
Hello. Please can we take this CI in addition to a medical treatment for blood pressure...in order to be able to reduce the badly tolerated treatment if possible. A big thank-you.
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Hi CHIVET, yes, you can start using this as an additional method, and later under your doctor's supervision try to reduce the amount of other treatment to reduce its side effects.
Hi Gustavo, we recommend to take same IC or Complex at least 3 times a day, drinking at least 50 ml of water each time. If you are using Method 2 (small tinctures with saline), then put 10 drops per cup of water. Please see details here: https://www.infopathy.com/en/tutorials/for_users?show=instructions_2
It doesn't say how to take it. prepared in a 30 ml bottle, how many drops, how many times a day? Thank you
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Mar 17, 2022
Wow! This program has made extraordinary, lasting changes in my dad’s blood pressure. We are so impressed!
Hi Suzanne, thank you very much for your feedback! You can add your experience to this IC by clicking on "Rate this IC" on this page, so many people can see it. Thank you very much!

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