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There is increasing information coming available about therapies either shown to be or have the potential to be effective against Covid-19. The virus utilizes an inflammatory molecule called phospholipase A1 to replicate. Vitamin E inhibits production. Hospitals in China are now in clinical trials of vitamin C because early case reports were that IV vitamin C had efficacy in resolving the disease. Zinc is a nutrient vital to anti-viral immunity. Most importantly, there are now reports that nitazoxanide (brand name Alinia), an anti-malarial medication, has been shown to effectively treat the disease. This IC combines these and adds other therapies as well. PLEASE NOTE: No claim is being made that this IC will prevent or treat Covid-19.
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Vitamin C is an important vitamin for the body and helps boost the immune system, prevents common colds, is a natural anti-histamine, improves skin...
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Nitazoxanide is an antiparasitic and antiprotozoal medication and is used to treat diarrhea associated with those infections. More recently nitazox...
The thymus gland is a key player in the overall health of the immune system. This is where T-cells ("T" stands for thymus) go to mature into functi...
Tocopherol + Tocotrienol Mixture is a blend of tocotrienols and tocopherols, which are part of the vitamin E family. These compounds are classified...
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This is a high-powered immune formula for activation of natural killer cells to fight off all kinds of infectious diseases. Natural killer cells ar...
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Zinc picolinate is a powerful antioxidant that supports immunity, fights cold, helps with wound healing, benefits hormonal health, benefits blood s...
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Kevin Brick, September 18, 2021
It's been 18 months of patients breathing on me (I don't wear a mask). No CV-19 symptoms. N-AC is an important addition to this.
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May 21, 2021
Hello. Should we add ivermectin to this complex?
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Hi Imad, we are planning to create an Ivermectin IC soon. Then this complex could be updated.
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