CoronaVirus 2.0

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[Update is available] This IC should reduce Viral Infections with Corona Virus and other Virus Types.Nitazoxanide is the only compound that has clinically shown to inhibit Coronavirus.Together with the Corona PEMFS we should at least have some level of protection!
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Beta glucan is a form of soluble dietary fiber that may be used to improve cholesterol levels and boost heart health. It may also be used to help r...
This IC was made with the help of a highly diluted solution of COVID-19 and may help prevent Coronavirus 2019. COVID-19, also known as novel cor...
Herbal Immune and Blood Support is a blend of natural herbs that help strengthen/regulate the immune system. It may be used to help enhance immune ...
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Nitazoxanide is an antiparasitic and antiprotozoal medication and is used to treat diarrhea associated with those infections. More recently nitazox...
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Umifenovir is an antiviral treatment against influenza A and B. It can be used for chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and recurrent herpes infections. ...
Valacyclovir hydrochloride is used to treat infections due to the herpes virus such as cold sores, chickenpox, genital herpes, and shingles.

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Imprint This IC should reduce Viral Infections with Coronavirus and other Virus Types. Nitazoxanide is the only compound that has clinically shown to inhib...
Contains: Beta Glucan Chloroquine Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) 30C Nitazoxanide Umifenovir and 1 more...
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